Well, this is a blog, written by a teen, that has no idea whatsoever what she's doing. So, enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

There's no hope for me, is there?

OK look people, I've got it, I'm HOPELESS at this blogging crap. I've always been terrible at committing to anything, especially diaries or journals or, well, blogs. The only thing I can see, as I look through all my old posts, is how STUPID I sounded when I first got this time sucking monster blog. (Well, who am I to call it a time sucking monster when I haven't posted in over a year?) OK well, since I  am posting now I might as well give you an update on my pathetic little "Life"...

  • I'm 14 now... Yay me... 14 is no better than 13, or 12 or 11..... *Sigh*
  • I have a "real" job... other than babysitting I mean. Yeah, a real job. Taxes and everything... Ooh joy. Minimum wage, $7.25 an hour... Haven't gotten my first paycheck yet... Hm mm...
  • Our animals now include: 1 Dwarf bunny named spooky, 6 chickens, 1 remaining fish, 2 snakes (I did get another one, but that's another post.) 2 dogs, and one cat.
  • My B'not Mitzvah is 5 weeks away, cramming for that, as well as poultry 4-H projects, among other things.
  • I'm going to completely re-arrange my blog so it's more mature, fitting for me... I'm so mature of course... :P
Mr.Fix it is hard at work redoing our whole house is preparation of the bat mitzvah. I'm going nuts learning Torah. It's harder than it looks, really. I've noticed a distinct lack of posting being done by my mother and my followers... Where are you guys? Well, Kitty is poking me know, so I'll leave you alone. Really this time, I swear, I'll be back. Maybe...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Malka, the Amazing Escaping Dog!

This one's a little stomach-churning. those of a weak stomach, look away NOW. 
It started like any ordinary Saturday in our crazy household.  Rusty's Mom was at work as usual for Saturday. Mr.Fix it was working on getting the wood burning stove working.  We let the dogs, Mickey and Malka, out side to do their business. A bit later, we called the dogs to come in. The only one who came back was Mickey. Malka apparently had escaped... Again. We went out to search for her 3 times. To no avail. Calling her name and everything. Mr.Fix it even took the car. After a while, it got dark. Us kids decided to go for one more look, so we hit the road. We took my Million-watt (slight exaggeration) camping flashlight.  We were just about to give up after an hour when we heard  a dog barking that sounded just like Malka. I called Mr. Fix it and told him that we thought we heard her barking. he told us to go toward the sound. He also said he was on his way (to protect us in the way only daddies can) Because the way we had to go was a thick dark woods. We walked through this neighbor's yard and into the woods, calling her name. Eventually we came to a big open field.  Next to the neighbor's fence was a big pile of sticks, and next to the pile of sticks was Malka. The wind was so strong, the wind chill was insane. we saw her and were about to call to her when we saw that her paw was caught in a snapping fox trap. The carnage around her was unbelievable.  Dead animals, foxes, goats, even a deer, all trapped, killed and SKINNED. They were just LEFT there. We had brought a doggie coat, and laid it on top of her to get her warmer. I had to keep her still as to not hurt her paw. We had to call the fire department to cut the chain attached to the trap. Little Man Went into shock from the sight and the cold, and passed out, so we had to call an ambulance. I had to sit on the ground and LOOK at the horror before me for a hour before the people came. I've seen a lot of R-rated horror movies, but at least then you know it's not real. This WAS real. The smell was horrible. There were some rotted-off vertebrae lying in the pile. When they came, my legs had gone numb from the cold and I could barely walk. They took my brother away in an ambulance to a hospital. Rusty's mom finally came home from work. We took Malka to the local animal hospital. They didn't think it was broken, but didn't x-ray it.
Right now she is laying next to Rusty's mom on the couch, cradling her paw.

This is too much for two days. The day before two of our chickens froze to death. one was my favorite too.
RIP Oreo
RIP Jersey

I think this needs to go to the back of my mind for a bit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies and more Cookies...

Ooh boy, here we go again.

Girl scout cookie season has started once again. That means high pressure, freezing butts, and crabby peaple to deal with. We don't have to beg our mom to go cookie selling with us (Kitty and I) because we are both cadettes. (If you are a cadette, you just have to go with another cadette. any level lower, ie; Daisy, Brownie or Junior, you have to sell with another girl scout AND with a parent.) However, that does NOT stop us from begging her asking her nicely to drive us in the nice warm car instead of having to walk in the cold.  We are trying to sell 5,000 boxes of cookies so that we can get 2 ipod Touches.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long time now see, uh write.

Well it has been a long time scince I last posted. In that time, I turned 13. let me tell you being a teen is no walk in the park. sometimes I wonder if parents of teens even remember what it was like.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I got a new snake!

His name is Marty. He is 3 years old and 3 feet long! I made his b-day June 15th. Remove Formatting from selection
he's adorable!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Sister has a blog! My sister has a blog!

My sister turned 11 yesterday, so as the ultimate online right of passage, she got a blog! thats right! http://www.Kittyfevah.blogspot.com! enjoy people!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


my mom has a blog too: www.thiswasntmyplan.blogspot.com and it is annoying when she posts stuff that is not true...
just sayin...